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In order to study the international experience in organizing and conducting competitions of professional skills, the system of professional training for the hospitality industry and the development of intercultural relations between educational institutions of Italy and Russia, from the 15 to 18 October, a business trip was organized on the basis of an invitation from the director of the APAF-CFPA vocational school of Casargo delegation of the College of Tourism of St. Petersburg to Italy. The delegation was headed by the college director Svetlana Alekxandrovna Antonova.

As part of a business visit, a meeting was held with the Mayor of the city Pina Scarpa. The mayor of the city noted the importance of the international cooperation of professional schools and the need to create a common professional space for the opportunity to study and implement the experience of training professional staff and organizing international competitions of professional skills. She presented the experience of organizing the interaction of municipal governments of the region with educational organizations in the region, and sponsors who participate in the organization of the annual international competition "Healthy food and non-waste production."

For three days, meetings were held with the management, teaching staff and students of the APAF-CEPA school. The administration of the educational institution headed by the director Marco Cimino acquainted with the organization of the educational process, material and technical base, the system of organizing interaction with social partners, the organization of practical training and employment, professional support of school graduates. They organized a visit to the leading enterprises of the hospitality industry in order to familiarize the organization of practical training of students of the educational institution.

One of the enterprises visited by the delegation was the leading Italian hotel Villa Serbelloni, which for decades has been interacting with the training school and is a social partner, sponsor for the organization of competitions of professional skills and practical training of students.

The college delegation got acquainted with the organization of the interaction of the school with sponsoring organizations, manufacturers of gastronomy products and equipment for restaurant service.

As a result of the visit, a project was developed for the cooperation of professional schools to study the best practices in training professional personnel for the hospitality industry, restaurant service, participation of the St. Petersburg Tourism College in the International Competition “Healthy Food and Non-waste Production” in 2019 and the participation of the Italian school College of Tourism of St. Petersburg and World Skills regional championships, creating youth cultural exchange projects, organizing internships for students and teachers.

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